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The Baum Shelter

Warren, Idaho


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The Baum Shelter (formerly the Winter Inn) is ready to serve all your back country needs, year round, 7-Days a week! We have overnight accommodations, food, drinks, fuel, and some of the best UTV/ATV/Snowmobile riding around! Call, email, or find us on Facebook for more information!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 11am to 7pm

Saturday - Sunday 11am to 7pm

(closing time may vary depending on

when the last customer goes home)

The Evolution of The Baum Shelter

  • Larry and Gale Baum purchased and ran the original Baum Shelter back in the 1970s.  That is where the name "Baum Shelter" comes from.
  • The current owner, Carol Lungren, and the Baums friendship dates back before either owned property in Warren so when Carol made the purchase she chose to honor her friend's legacy by keeping the name Baum Shelter.
  • You may also remember when The Baum Shelter was called The Winter Inn. During that time it was leased from Larry and Gale by another great friend of both Carol and the Baums, Shirley Winter.
  • Shirley ran The Winter Inn for many years and was a well known and respected pillar among all those that frequented Warren and the surrounding area.
  • After she passed in 2005, her brother, Butch, and sister-in-law, Margaret took over and kept things going as long as they could. In 2007 Butch got sick and keeping the small back country business going just wasn't feasible.
  • As a result of The Winter Inn closing, town activities dwindled and visitors weren't as promonate but the small group of true Warrenites never lost hope that things would get revived.
  • Aunt Margaret made sure to keep business going on weekends and special occasions but otherwise town had really began to lose it's draw.
  • Since The Winter Inn closed it's doors full time, Larry and Gale made several valiant attempts to lease and/or sell the business but things never worked quite right. It was always very important that the buyer and/or leasee was a good fit for our back country ghost town.
  • After many years of pondering the idea, Carol Lungren decided it was time to jump in head first. Her and Baums struck a deal and never looked back.
  • Carol has a vested interest in the Warren community and town preservation. Keeping The Baum Shelter going and breathing new life and activity into Warren are her top priorities.
  • The Baum Shelter currently has 3 full time employees: Aunt Margaret, Treasa, and Lacey. Friends and family are always willing to jump in and help when needed and you'll often see Carol behind the bar when she isn't working her day job doing appraisals.
  • The Baum Shelter (Too) has been open  for over a year and now offers a full menu, including breakfast every weekend and weekly specials, overnight accommodations and helps sponsor many town functions (i.e. Crab Feed, Town Party, 4th of July, Father's Day, etc).

We hope to see you in Warren soon!